Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's almost here!

I have a beautiful sugar maple in my yard and every year the vibrant range of colors the leaves turn always amazes me.  I'm able to oooh and ahhh for several weeks as I watch it put on a show.  That tree helps me to gradually acclimate myself to the harsh knowledge that winter is "almost here".  A to help me prepare for the long cold months coming up or even a "I'm sorry to be leaving you" going away present.

Unfortunately, whether due to the heavy rain this fall or the quick winter storm that blew through a few weeks ago, the annual fall foliage show fell short.  The  winter storm blew off the majority of just turning leaves and the remainder turned yellow for the most part and then dropped. What a wild weather month we have had here in southeastern Pennsylvania. I am hoping that it isn't an indicator of the next few month!

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